Any student who is in danger of failing a subject or grade level may be retained or required to take the class over if the following criteria have been met:
    1. If the student is having difficulty, the teacher must notify the administrator. The teacher and the administrator will discuss alternative instructional strategies. At the same time, a letter must notify the parent’s regarding the student’s academic problems.
    2. If, after five(5) school days, the instructional strategies/modifications are not working and the student is still not successfully completing the work and is in danger of failing, the parent, student, teacher and building administrator will meet to discuss the problem. At that time, a contract will be developed through mutual agreement between all parties.
    3. The contract must state specific teacher responsibilities, student responsibilities, and parent responsibilities. A meeting will be scheduled for five (5) to ten (10) school days with all parties (listed in #2 above) to evaluate the success of the contract. The contract should also list specific tools for evaluation of the contract: e.g. Tests, specific student products (work), and any other items mutually agreed upon.
    4. If it is still apparent that the student will not successfully complete the required grade- level/subject work, then the building administrator, teacher and parent will meet with the Superintendent. Following this meeting, the Superintendent will make a decision regarding possible retention.
    5. Parents will be notified by mail of the decision. Any student being considered for retention at the elementary level must complete this process prior to May12.

Adopted by Tintic School Board : 8/17/2009

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