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The Tintic School District was founded in 1914 when school districts in Eureka, Knightsville, Mammoth, Silver City, and the West Desert were consolidated along Tintic High School (1912) boundaries in western Juab County in Utah. When the district was first founded, it served a large number of students from workers in the Tintic Mining District. Now the Tintic School District has a much smaller population but is a large district in the amount of area it covers. The district is in Central Utah covering Western Juab County and has two high schools; Tintic High School (142) and West Desert High School (12); one elementary school, Eureka Elementary School (105) and one one-room elementary school, West Desert Elementary (11). The schools in Eureka are seperated from the schools in the West Desert by 136 miles including 50 miles of gravel roads. This presents quite a challenge to provide a high quality educational experience for all students in the district. 

It is the district's goal with this website to provide you with up to date and pertinent information about the school district and its schools. If you have any questions or comments please contact the district at the address in the footer or email the Webmaster

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