West Desert High School:

West Desert High School is located in Trout Creek, Utah, on the Western edge of Juab County. The school is the smallest high school in Utah and has grades 7-12 taught by one teacher with the help of UEN Concurrent Enrollment Classes and a couple of EdNet Classes that orginate at Tintic High School taught by teachers there. Like West Desert Elementary School, the school is very tied to the issues of the Snake Valley water battle with Southern Nevada Water Authority who is trying to develop wells in the small section of Snake Valley that is in Nevada. Regardless of the small size of the studentbody, WDHS has fielded athletic teams in many sports including baseball, basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, and wrestling. At times they have also partnered with their sister Snake Valley high school, Eskdale High School in Eskdale, Utah and Millard County, to field teams. 

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Our Vision:
Educating students in a small school to live in a large world.

Contact Information:

Main Office   435-693-3112   

School Mailing address: HC 61 Box 440   Trout Creek, UT  84083



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