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Tintic School District was founded in 1914 when school districts in Eureka, Knightsville, Mammoth, Silver City, and the West Desert were consolidated along Tintic High School (1912) boundaries in western Juab County in Utah. When the district was first founded, it served a large number of students from workers in the Tintic mining district. Now Tintic School District has a much smaller population but is a large district geographically, covering over 2100 square miles with communities in western Juab County, Eureka, Trout Creek and Callao. There are two high schools (Tintic and West Desert) and two elementary schools (Eureka and West Desert). These communities are separated by more than 135 miles, much of it on dirt and gravel roads.  This presents a challenge to provide a modern high-quality educational experience for all students in the district.


Tintic School District is committed to excellence by empowering and challenging all students to achieve their potential as life-long learners in an ever-changing world.


Tintic School District Board of Education envisions a learning community working cooperatively to develop the whole child in an atmosphere of excellence characterized by:

  • Students meeting achievement and growth expectations
  • Students actively engaged in higher-order literacy skills
  • Students actively engaged in mathematic, scientific, artistic and extra curricular activities
  • Students actively engaged in citizenship and the founding principles of the nation, state, and community
  • Students actively engaged in a safe, technologically modern, and rigorous learning environment that draws upon research based instructional practices supported by a guaranteed and viable curriculum

Tintic School District ESSER III (ARP) Plan: ESSER III Plan Narrative

Contact Superintendent Greg Thornock with any questions: (435) 433-6363