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Email Becky Jones to sign up for the Walktober Challenge starting October 7th!

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Here are some easy ways to sneak extra steps into your day:
  • Do laps at home-while you're waiting for the water to boil or coffer cup to fill, take a few laps around the house. Even if your home doesn't have an easy walking path, walk around your table or couch, or take a few trips up and down the stairs.
  • Walk while you brush-multitask by walking around and getting your things ready while you brush your teeth.
  • Unload the groceries carefully-you can unload your grocery bags one at a time, for a bonus exercise, do reps with each bag so your biceps can get a workout.
  • Walk for those notifications-set your phone across the room, when you hear your notification sound go off, walk over to get it.
  • Do some laps during commercials-you're not going to want to watch them anyway, so when commercials come on during your favorite shows, walk around the house.
  • Pace for phone calls-make an effort to pace around your office while you're on phone calls if you can.
  • Walk to somebody instead of emailing them-try to get up and walk to the people you need to talk to whenever possible-just be sure you aren't interrupting an important task.
  • Take your cart back-walk that cart all the way back to the store when you're done getting groceries. 
  • Start some after-dinner strolls-family time is always a great use of your evening, so have everyone take a walk after dinner to add more steps and make some memories.
  • Invite coworkers for a brainstorm walk-have a mobile meeting by taking your coworkers out for a walk to brainstorm or collaborate on an upcoming project.
  • Set an alarm for yourself-set frequent alarms for yourself so you get reminded to at least walk down the hall more often.
  • Skip eating at your desk-walk and munch instead of working and eating at the same time.
  • Take the long route for a bathroom break-instead of taking the shortcut, take the longer way to the bathroom.
  • Drink less, walk more-instead of filling up your large 32-ounce water bottle, fill up a 16-ounce bottle. It will force you to get up more frequently and walk to refill.
Happy stepping!

Walking Paths

Eureka Elementary Path

EES Walking Path

Tintic High Path

THS Walking Path

West Desert Path

WD Walking Path


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