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Tintic School Board Policies

pdf2023 Policy Index

pdfLibrary Materials Policy

Section B - School Board

pdfBA Board Legal Status

pdfBAA Board Powers and Duties

pdfBAB Board Fiscal Responsibilities

pdfBBA Board Members Eligibility and Qualifications

pdfBBAA Board Members Student Members

pdfBBB Board Members Elections and Redistricting

pdfBBC Board Members Vacancies on the Board

pdfBBF1 Board Members Code of Ethics

pdfBBF2 Board Members Code of Ethics

pdfBBG Board Members Compensation and Expenses

pdfBCA Foundations and Basic Commitments District Mission Statement

pdfBCB Foundations and Basic Commitments Belief Statements

pdfBCC Foundations and Basic Commitments District Educational Philosophy

pdfBD Board Internal Operation

pdfBDA Board Internal Organization Other Officers

pdfBDAB President of the Board Duties

pdfBE Board Meetings

pdfBEA Notice Requirements

pdfBEB Board Meetings Recordings and Minutes

pdfBEC Closed Meetings

pdfBED Board Meetings Meeting Location

pdfBEE1 Board Meetings No Electronic Meetings

pdfBEE2 Board Meetings Electronic Meetings

pdfBF Community Involvement in Education

pdfBFA School Closures and Boundary Changes

pdfBJA Superintendent Appointment

pdfBJB Superintendent Qualifications and Responsibilities

pdfBJC Superintendent Evaluation

pdfBJD Superintendent Dismissal

pdfBJE Superintendent Non-Renewal

pdfBKA Business Administrator Appointment

pdfBKB Business Administrator Qualifications and Responsibilities

pdfBKC Business Administrator Evaluation

pdfBKD Business Administrator Dismissal

pdfBL Administrative Personnel

pdfBLA Administrative Personnel Principals

pdfBLB Administrative Personnel Evaluation

pdfBLC Administrative Personnel Termination

pdfBM Charter Schools: Charter School Sponsorships

pdfBU District Annual Reports

Section C - Business and Support

pdfCAA Revenue and Budgeting State Revenue

pdfCAB Revenue and Budgeting Local Revenue

pdfCABA Revenue and Budgeting Local Revenue Local Foundations

pdfCAC Revenue and Budgeting Budget

pdfCAD District Audit Committee

pdfCAE Capital Outlay Reporting

pdfCAF Financial Reporting

pdfCAG District Fiscal Responsibilities

pdfCAG District Fiscal Responsibilities

pdfCAH Program Accounting

pdfCB Procurement

pdfCBA General Procurement Policies

pdfCBB Awarding Contracts by Bidding

pdfCBD Awarding Contracts by Request for Proposals

pdfCBDA Request for Statement of Qualifications

pdfCBDB Approved Vendor List Process

pdfCBDC Procurement of Professional Services

pdfCBE Small Purchases

pdfCBF Exceptions to Standard Procurement Processes

pdfCBG Contracts and Contract Limitations

pdfCBH Interaction With Other Procurement Units

pdfCBI Records of Procurement

pdfCBJ Contractor Oversight

pdfCBK Child Nutrition Program Procurement

 pdfCC Procurement of Construction

pdfCCA School Construction Bidding

pdfCCB Construction Bonds and Security

pdfCCC Limitation on Change Orders

pdfCCD Drug and Alcohol Testing for Construction Projects

pdfCCE Construction Management Methods

pdfCCF Procurement of Design Professional Services

pdfCCG Construction and School Site Acquisition Requirements

pdfCD Appeals and Oversight of Procurement

pdfCDA Procurement Protests

pdfCDB Procurement Protest Appeals

pdfCDD Procurement Violations and Offenses

pdfCE School Safety Plan

pdfCEA School Safety Plan Video and Audio Surveillance

pdfCEAB Emergency Preparedness Procedures

pdfCEB District Emergency Response Plan

pdfCEC School Resource Officer Contracts

pdfCED School Safety Plan Fire Drills

pdfCEE School Safety Plan Evacuations

pdfCEF School Resource Officer Contracts

pdfCF Use of School Facilities

pdfCFA Use of School Facilities Employee Access

pdfCFB Use of School Facilities Employee Use of Equipment

pdfCFC Use of School Facilities Rental

pdfCG School Plant

pdfCGA School Plant Hazardous Materials

pdfCGA Hazardous Materials Exhibit 1

pdfCGA Hazardous Materials Exhibit 2

pdfCGA Hazardous Materials Exhibit 3

pdfCH Accessibility by Disabled Persons

pdfCI Risk Management Procedures

pdfCI Exhibit 1 Risk Management Guidelines

pdfCJ Transportation

pdfCJAA Transportation Planning and Funding

pdfCJAB Transportation Planning and Funding Evaluation

pdfCJAC Transportation Route Planning

pdfCJAD Transportation School Site Selection

pdfCJAE Transportation of Students

pdfCJBA Director of Transportation

pdfCJBB Transportation Operators and Mechanics

pdfCJBC Transportation Training

pdfCJCA Transportation Equipment Buses

pdfCJCB Transportation Equipment Maintenance and Inspections

pdfCJCC Advertising on School Buses

pdfCJDA Transportation Operations Communications

pdfCJDB Transportation Operations Pupil Management

pdfCJDBA Transportation Operations Unauthorized Persons on Buses

pdfCJDBB Transportation Operations Charter Schools Students

pdfCJDC Transportation Operations Lights and Railroad Crossings

pdfCJDD Transportation Operations Emergencies

pdfCJDE Transportation Operations Rental of School Buses

pdfCJDF Transportation Operations District Vehicles

pdfCJDG Operations Electronic and Telecommunications Devices

pdfCJDH Transportation Operations Post Route Inspections

pdfCK Cash Receipts and Expenditures

pdfCKA Credit Cards 

pdfCKB Travel

pdfCKC Reimbursement Requests

pdfCKD Purchase Orders

pdfCKE Issuance of Checks

pdfCKF Journal Entries and Electronic Fund Transfers

Section D - Employment

pdfDAA Employment Objectives Nondiscrimination

pdfDAB Employment Licensure

pdfDABA Paraprofessional Qualifications

pdfDAC Employment Background Checks

pdfDACA Duty to Personally Report Arrests

pdfDAD Employment Scope of Employment

pdfDADA Employment Transfers

pdfDAE Employment Conflict of Interest

pdfDAF Ethics Policy Regarding Private but Public Education-Related Activities

pdfDAG Employee Drug Policy

pdfDAG Policy Exhibit 1

pdfDAH Drug Testing of Bus Drivers

pdfDAI Employment Coordination of District Information

pdfDAJ Employee Immunizations

pdfDAK Code of Conduct

pdfDBA Contracts Certified Employees

pdfDBB Contracts Classified Employees

pdfDBBA Employment Student Workers

pdfDBBB Physical Examinations and Communicable Diseases

pdfDBC No Implied Contract Rights

pdfDBD Career Status Not Available in Extra Duty

pdfDBE Employment Student Teachers and Interns

pdfDBF Employment Substitutes

pdfDBG Reemployment of Retired Employees

pdfDBI Employment Annual Calendar and Work Days

pdfDBJ Employment Volunteers

pdfDCA Administration Relations

pdfDCB Mediation of Contract Negotiations

pdfDCC Association and Organization Participation

pdfDCD Negotiations

pdfDDA Reporting of Child Abuse

pdfDDAA Child Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking Prevention Education

pdfDDB Reporting of Student Prohibited Acts

pdfDDC Employment Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

pdfDDCA Lunch Duty

pdfDDDA Employment Web Publishing

pdfDDE Technology Security Policy

pdfDDF Data Governance Plan

pdfDEA Workers Compensation

pdfDEAB Procurement of Workers Compensation Insurance

pdfDEAC Personal Protective Equipment

pdfDEB Retirement

pdfDEC Risk Management Coverage for Employees

pdfDEC Policy Exhibit 1

pdfDED Overtime

pdfDEE Compensation and Benefits

pdfDEEA Retirement: Rights and Protections, Compensation and Benefits

pdfDFA Educator Induction Mentoring and Professional Learning

pdfDFB Employees Suggestion Program

pdfDFC Employee Surveys

pdfDFD Teacher Leader

pdfDG Employee Evaluation

pdfDG Policy Exhibit 1

pdfDGA Classified Employee Evaluation

pdfDGD Liability Volunteers

pdfDHA Orderly School Termination of Employees

pdfDHB Reduction in Force

pdfDHC Redress of Grievances

pdfDHCD Credit for Prior Teaching

pdfDHD Employment Relations Payroll Deductions

pdfDHDA Employee Association and Leave

pdfDI Legal Defense of Employees

pdfDJ Employee References and Letters of Recommendation

pdfDKAB Hiring Preference of Veterans and Veterans Spouses

pdfDKAC Nepotism

pdfDKB Sexual Harassment

pdfDKB Policy Exhibit 1

pdfDKBA District Employee and Student Relations

pdfDKC Family Medical Leave

pdfDKC Policy Exhibit 1

pdfDKC Policy Exhibit 2

pdfDKD Nursing Mothers

pdfDLA Employee Bullying or Hazing

pdfDLB Grievances Regarding Abusive Conduct

pdfDMA Employee Acceptable Use of Personally Owned Electronic Devices

pdfDMB Employee Acceptable Use of District Electronic Devices

pdfDMC Use of District Email for Political Purposes

Section E - Instruction

pdfEAA Instructional Goals Adoption and Purpose

pdfEBA Term of Instruction School Year

pdfEBB Term of Instruction School Day

pdfEBC Term of Instruction Summer School

pdfECA Curriculum Required Instruction

pdfECB Curriculum Work Based Learning

pdfECBA Curriculum Elective Instruction Pass Fail

pdfECBB Curriculum Elective Instruction Drivers Ed

pdfECC Curriculum Early Learning Plan

pdfECCA Curriculum Reading Achievement for K-3

 pdfECCB Curriculum Mathematics Assessment for K-3

pdfECD Curriculum American Sign Language

pdfECE Curriculum College Course Work

pdfECF Curriculum Religious Neutrality

pdfECG Curriculum American Heritage

pdfECH Curriculum Sex Education

pdfECI Curriculum Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

pdfECJ Curriculum Ethnic Studies

pdfECK Curriculum Honors Courses

pdfEDA Special Programs Alternative Language

pdfEDB Special Programs Dropout Prevention and Recovery

pdfEDC Special Programs Education of Youth in Custody

pdfEDD Gifted & Talented Students

pdfEDE Special Education

pdfEDF Special Programs Health Care Occupations Programs

pdfEDG Special Programs Higher Education Savings Options

pdfEDH Special Programs Student Internships

pdfEEA Instructional Resources Copyrighted Material

pdfEEB Instructional Resources Internet Policy

pdfEEC Instructional Resources Primary Instruction Materials

pdfEEE Instructional Resources Evaluation and Selection of Instructional Material

pdfEEEA Instructional Resources Evaluation and Selection of Library Materials

pdfEEEB Instructional Resources Evaluation and Selection of Classroom Materials

pdfEEEC Instructional Resources Evaluation of Other Instructional Materials

pdfEFA Grading Progress Reports to Parents

pdfEFB Grading Testing Procedures and Standards

pdfEFBA Grading Testing Procedures and Standards Kindergarten Assessment

pdfEFBB Grading Testing Procedures and Standards Exclusion from Testing

pdfEFC Grading Participation of Private and Home School Students in Statewide Assessments

pdfEFD Grading Course Grade Forgiveness

pdfEGA Guidance Individual Learning Plan for College and Career Readiness

pdfEHA Graduation: Graduation Requirements

pdfEHAA Graduation - Graduation Attire

pdfEHB Graduation: Citizenship Requirement

pdfEHC Academic Honors

pdfEHD Graduation Middle School Graduation Requirements

pdfEHE Graduation Adult Education Graduation

 Section F - Students

pdfFA Equal Educational Opportunities

pdfFAA Evaluation of Interscholastic Athletic Participation

pdfFAB Transgender Students

pdfFABA Participation in Sex-Designated Athletic Activities and Teams

pdfFAC Services for Homeless Students

pdfFBA Admission and Attendance Eligibility and Admissions Req

pdfFBAA Admissions and Attendance Foreign Exchange Students

pdfFBAB Admissions and Attendance Military Children

pdfFBB Admissions and Attendance Compulsory Attendance

pdfFBBA Dual Enrollment

pdfFBBB Participation in Online Education

pdfFBBC Home Centered Enrollment

pdfFBC Coordinating Services for School Age Youth

pdfFBD Absences and Excuses

pdfFBE Admission and Attendance Truancy Support Centers

pdfFBF Reentry Into Public Schools

pdfFBG Foreign Exchange Students

pdfFDA Health Requirements Vision Screening

pdfFDAB Health Requirements and Services Immunizations

pdfFDAC Health Requirements and Services Medical Treatment

pdfFDACA Medical Treatment DNR Directives

pdfFDACB Medical Treatment Student Self Treatment Diabetes

pdfFDACC Health Requirements and Services Students with Potentially Life Threatening Allergies

pdfFDACD Health Requirements and Services Student Asthma Emergency

pdfFDACE Medical Recommendations by School Personnel to Parents

pdfFDACF Medical Treatment Student Self Application of Sunscreen

pdfFDAD Health Requirements Communicable Diseases

pdfFDAE Students Infected with HIV

pdfFDAF Concussions and Head Injuries

pdfFDB Health Requirements Suicide Prevention

pdfFDC School Breakfast Program

pdfFDE Wellness Policy Adoption Process

pdfFDEA Wellness Policy Food Sales

pdfFDF Positive Behaviors Plan

pdfFDG Period Products in Schools

pdfFE Student Records

pdfFEA Education and Family Privacy

pdfFEC Noncustodial Parent Access to Records

pdfFED Student Data Protection

pdfFF Student Activities

pdfFF1 Student Activities Nonenrolled Students in Extracurricular Activities

pdfFFA Student Activities Publications

pdfFFB Student Activities Secret Societies

pdfFFC Student Travel

pdfFFD Student Acceptable Computer Use K-4

pdfFFD1 Use Agreement K-4

pdfFFE Student Acceptable Computer Use 5-12

pdfFFE1 Use Agreement 5-12

pdfFFF Student Insurance

pdfFG Clubs Curricular and Noncurrcular Student Groups

pdfFGAA Student Conduct Demonstrations

pdfFGAB Student Electronic Devices

pdfFGAC Bus Conduct

pdfFGAD Student Rights and Responsibilities Bullying, Cyber-bullying, Hazing, and Abusive Conduct

pdfFGB Married Students

pdfFGC Pregnant Students

pdfFGD Interrogations and Searches

pdfFGE Student Complaints

pdfFGF Curricular and Non-Curricular Student Groups

pdfFH Student Discipline

pdfFHA Safe Schools

pdfFHAA Safe Schools Alcohol and Drugs

pdfFHAB Safe Schools Sexual Harassment

pdfFHAD Safe Schools Discipline of Students with Disabilities

pdfFHAE Safe Schools Disruptive Student Behavior

pdfFHAF Safe Schools Emergency Safety Interventions

pdfFHAG Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes

pdfFHAI Defacing or Damaging School Property

pdfFHB Student Courts

pdfFHC Notification from Juvenile Courts

pdfFHD Relations with Governmental Authorities

pdfFHE Detention of Students

pdfFI Student Fees, Fines and Charges

pdfFIA Meal Charges

pdfFJ Students Leaving With Adult During School Hours

pdfFJA Visitations on Campus of Non-Student

pdfFK School Uniforms

pdfFL Athletic Uniforms

Section G - Public Information

pdfGA Public Information Program Public Records

pdfGB Public Complaints

pdfGBA Board of Education Hotline

pdfGC Community Use of School Facilities

pdfGCA Conduct on School Premises

pdfGCB Relations with Parent and Community Groups

pdfGCBA Parental Participation

pdfGCC Child Care

pdfGCD Political Party Use of School Meeting Facilities

pdfGCDE Convicted Sex Offenders on District Property

pdfGCE Parent Rights to Academic Accommodations

pdfGCF Animals on School Premises

pdfGCG School Climate Surveys

pdfGD Parent Access to Curriculum

pdfGDA Parent Access to Student Library Information

pdfGE School Community Councils

pdfGF Fundraising and Donations

pdfGF1 Fundraising Activities Policy Exhibit 1

pdfGFA Non-School-Sponsored Activities and Fundraising

pdfGG Gifts and Donations

pdfGH Honorary Diplomas for Veterans

pdfGHA Elementary School Accreditation

pdfGHB Secondary School Accreditation

pdfGI Military Testing and Recruitment

pdfGJ Child Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking Prevention Education

pdfGK Educational Authority of Separated Parents

pdfGL Released Time Classes