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Eureka Elementary Staff


Principal Secretary Counselor
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  Karen Kramer   Traci Snell Crystal Leuk


About Eureka Elementary:

Eureka Elementary is a small elementary school of the Tintic School District in Eureka, UT, a part of Juab County. The current building is the fourth elementary building in the town. The first was built in the 1880s, the second in the 1890s, and the third building was built in 1939 as part of FDR's WPA project. There are about 100 students in grades Kindergarten through sixth. There is one teacher per grade, so classes are relatively small with a lot of individual attention given to each student. There is a strong music program in the school with each class receiving music instruction and band starting in the fifth grade. There is also a long tradition of performing by students in a Christmas Operetta which has been written by teachers. The performances have dated back over 100 years with many grandparents of students talking about not only the roles they had in each grade but roles their parents had in the very first operettas. 


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