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 Tintic High School Graduation Protocols
Class of 2020

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THS Graduation will occur under one of the following tiered options contingent upon safety, weather, and Central Utah Public Health Department approval. 
*Protocols are subject to change in the event of poor weather or more restrictive lockdown due to COVID-19

Option 1 - Virtual Graduation
(Currently fully approved by Central Utah Public Health Department)

  • All seniors will have their speeches recorded in their cap & gown, during a preapproved date & time at Tintic High School

  • The virtual commencement video will be available through hard media (DVD) & through download from Tintic High School

  • The virtual graduation will be accessible through Youtube and will be released to the public on May 22nd at 6 pm.

  • Each senior will be given a graduation program for a keepsake.

  • All graduates will receive a yard sign to honor them.

  • There will be a Senior Parade throughout the community of Eureka on May 22nd at 7:30 pm. The parade will include the Juab County Emergency Medical Services, Juab County Sheriff’s Department, & Eureka Fire Department.

  • The parade route will be posted at the Tintic School District & Tintic High School website as well as through various social media outlets.

Option 2 - Limited Vehicle Drive-In  Parking Lot Graduation
(Currently fully approved by Central Utah Public Health Department)

The following protocol will comply with all state and local social distancing mandates and maintain a safe environment with regard to COVID-19
Any violation of protocol will result in that graduate forfeiting the PRIVILEGE of participating in the commencement proceedings and diploma will be mailed.
Remember, you may not be at risk, but there will be others that will be.
Let’s get through this together

  • This type of graduation will only take place if the weather permits and there isn’t further COVID-10 lockdown

  • The following safety protocols must be followed by all who attend graduation:

    • All families must check for COVID symptoms prior to coming and not come if any symptoms are shown. If anyone in your immediate family has tested positive for COVID-19 you must be cleared by the Central Utah Public Health Department prior to attending the graduation. For a list of symptoms please visit:

    • Schools will maintain clean and disinfected surfaces that students may touch

  • Graduation will be held on the west end of Tintic High School (student parking area). Cars will be allowed to enter at ____ minutes prior to the commencement ceremony and park in the designated area as directed. 

  • Juab County Sheriff’s Department and THS staff will assist in parking

  • There will be a stage set up on the west end of Tintic High School

  • Each graduate will be allowed three vehicles to enter the parking lot. 

  • Only vehicles with official THS parking passes will be allowed into the parking lot.

  • All tall vehicles, trucks, SUV’s, & vans will be directed to the rear of the parking lot. 

  • Each vehicle will be handed a commencement program when they enter and will be directed to tune to a specific station on the FM band

  • Visibility will be limited, please keep this in mind when attending in a high vehicle.

  • All occupants must remain completely in the vehicle until their speech or their name is called for their diploma. Please plan accordingly for at least 90 minutes without the use of facilities.

  • We will have normal graduation speeches given from the stage. When one speaker is finished they will walk to their vehicle and enter their car. The other speaker will then exit their vehicle, walk to the podium, and give their speech. 

  • The podium will be wiped down between each speaker and microphone protector thrown away and replaced

  • There will be two podiums set 15 feet apart for those speeches that require two speakers

  • We are working with KSL to Livestream the commencement ceremony either on our district web page or the district Facebook page, or both. 

  • For the presentation of the individual diplomas at the end of the ceremony:

    • Student name will be announced. The student will exit their vehicle, cross to the area they receive their diploma, and pose in front of the “T”. 

    • Students are encouraged to take their time during this portion of the commencement. We want your family to be able to take as many pictures as they need. 

    • One masked parent of the student may get out of the car as the student is getting their diploma and take pictures.

  • In place of the traditional “Changing of the Tassel” and “Cap Throw” everyone will be invited to join together in flashing lights and honking horns in celebration of the graduates.

  • At this point the ceremony is concluded. Law enforcement and THS staff will facilitate an orderly exit by all vehicles that will not be in the parade from THS premises. The parking lot will be gated and closed at this time.

  • Our seniors deserve a special ceremony; let’s all do our part to make it a huge success and not do anything that might bring negative publicity to them, our school or community and support the social distancing protocols outlined. 

Class of 2020 Parade

  • One car per senior will be allowed in the parade

  • It is recommended that someone other than the senior operated the vehicle in order for the graduate to wave to the community

  • We hope that you will decorate your vehicles to add to the celebratory atmosphere

  • Come to the high school parking lot with your parade vehicle at the conclusion of the commencement ceremony or 7 pm if the virtual graduation is implemented instead of the drive-in graduation

  • THS staff and Juab County Sheriff’s department will set your cars in order of the parade at that time

  • Please drive slow and careful as we weave through the community. Follow all the commands of law enforcement and the lead vehicle.

  • The parade route will be posted on the Tintic District Facebook page, emailed to all of our students and parents, and hung at the post office. 

  • The parade begins at 7:30pm May 22nd

Graduation Parade Route Map Edited

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